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    BEYOND BULLYING: The Humanistic – Action – Behavioral Approach to Restore Respect in Your Workplace

    Date: November 11, 2014, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
    100 Sandoval Street
    Members: $30 Non-Members: $35 Walk-Ins: $40
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    Dinner Meeting
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    BEYOND BULLYING:  The Humanistic – Action – Behavioral  Approach to   Restore Respect in Your Workplace

    Presented by Marlene Schwalje

    This presentation is pending 1.5 HRCI credit hours

    The organization that is challenged with an employee claim of bullying often spends more time determining whether the label fits into their policy definition rather than addressing underlying behavioral issues. Typical bully-victim language leaves little room for insight or intervention. Frustration with the process often leads to escalation, even EEO claims.

    Let’s challenge and change the workplace bullying paradigm. What happens if we focus on behaviors, rather than labels?  What might be gained if we humanize, rather than vilify, the participants?  How can we engage the pivotal role of the bystander to create a climate of respect? What is the most important conversation an organization can have with its employees at every level?

    Not your typical anti-bullying workshop, in this session we’ll move beyond the barriers of language, legislation, and litigation, policy and process, to a new behavioral action approach to workplace bullying. We’ll explore behavioral and situational inquiry to meet the challenge of identification. We’ll use motivational inquiry and apply insights learned to choosing effective interventions with offender, target, and witness. Participants will receive the BEYOND BULLYING™ Behavioral Inventory, a tool that can be immediately and effectively applied in your workplace.

    Learning Objectives:   Participants will:        

    • Learn how to guide your workplace groups to shift the language of bullying and focus on behaviors and action.

    • Learn to use behavioral, situational, and motivational/functional inquiry to gain insights into bullying behaviors, dynamics, and motivations.

    • Explore choices for effective interventions with both offender and target.

    • Learn how to harness the power of the bystander to create a climate change toward respect in your workplace.

    Marlene K Schwalje is dedicated to the organization and its people who seek to create a culture of respectful communication and conflict competence from the workplace to the board room. She believes that labels like “bully” often get in the way of action. Her down-to-earth action approach to workplace bullying is simultaneously rational and humanistic: focus on behaviors and solutions rather than labels and legislation. 

    Marlene is an organizational conflict consultant and mediator. President/CEO of Infinite Resolutions, LLC, she shares full spectrum communication, collaboration, and conflict competence services with a diverse clientele including government, health care, education, and Native American enterprises, most recently working within the Department of the Interior. She has successfully guided hundreds of workplace disputants toward resolution without arbitration or litigation.  She has been published in the SHRM Legal Report, the Association of Conflict Resolution Reporter, ACResolution, and on websites devoted to charter schools and Native American enterprises.

    Marlene’s core belief is that respectful relationships are the foundation of productivity in any organization, and that given a safe environment and skills to explore alternative perspectives and behaviors, most people possess the will to get productive relationships back on track to focus on the organizational mission. To substantively advance her commitment and contribution to respectful relationships in the workplace, Marlene authored and advocated for the Respectful Workplace Resolution, passed unanimously by both Santa Fe City Council and by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners in fall 2010, the first initiative of its kind in the nation.

    Marlene is embarking upon the challenge of her first book, Beyond Bullying.

    Contact information:                                                                                                                                            505.983.4389                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      [launches October 20th 2014]

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