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01/2016 Meetings & Events

    January 2016
    Date Event Type
    January 12 Mental Illness in the Workplace Lunch Meeting
    February 2016
    Date Event Type
    February 9 Diversity and Inclusiveness Workshop: Tips for HR in Hiring an Inclusive Workforce Lunch Meeting
    March 2016
    Date Event Type
    March 7 SHRM NM State Conference: "Picture the Future, BE the Future" Conference
    March 15 Social Media As A Business and Recruiting Tool Dinner Meeting
    April 2016
    Date Event Type
    April 12 ACA: Where We Are & Where We Are Going Dinner Meeting
    May 2016
    Date Event Type
    May 10 DOL Overtime Regulation Changes: What’s New, What to Do Now, and How They Will Impact Your Organization Lunch Meeting
    June 2016
    Date Event Type
    June 14 Change and Transition Management Dinner Meeting
    June 19 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition Conference
    July 2016
    Date Event Type
    July 12 Is it Time to Scrap the Performance Review Process? Lunch Meeting
    July 21 Mental Health First Aid Training Class
    August 2016
    Date Event Type
    August 9 Surviving A HIPAA Audit- Are You Prepared? Dinner Meeting
    September 2016
    Date Event Type
    September 13 2016 Legal Update Conference - HR Focus 2020: Changes, Challenges, and Strategies Conference
    September 29 Hire Veterans Summit Conference
    October 2016
    Date Event Type
    October 11 Behavioral and Personality Assessments Dinner Meeting
    October 18 2016 Master Series – “Accelerating Talent” Conference
    October 24 SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Conference
    November 2016
    Date Event Type
    November 15 November Lunch Meeting - National Labor Relations Board and Its Application in a Non-Union Environment Lunch Meeting
    December 2016
    Date Event Type
    December 13 Holiday Celebration and Member Appreciation Dinner Dinner Meeting