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    NNMHRA January 8, 2019 Lunch Meeting & Speaker

    Date: January 8, 2019, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
    100 Sandoval St.
    Santa Fe, NM 87501
    Members: $25 Non-Members: $30 Walk-Ins: $30 SHRM NM Student Members(Full time students): $15
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    Lunch Meeting
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    How Veterans Bring Power To Your Workforce

    Presentation Summary:
    Veterans bring a strength to your workforce that many companies don’t realize.
    See how easy it can be to recruit and hire veterans to your workforce and the value-added benefit they contribute to your bottom line!

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    This event has been Pre-Approved for SHRM PDCs and HRCI Credit Hours

    Master Sergeant (retired), US Army

    Chief Executive Officer, NM Veterans Integration Centers 

    Bobby is a retired Army Master Sergeant of 17 years. A first generation American-born of Korean and American parents, he started his military service at the age of 17 and left just several months after graduating high school. As he learned his military skills, Bobby found a career calling in the Military Police Corps where he spent over 14 years and travelled around the globe including three separate tours to Germany and one assignment in the US with the famous 101st Airborne Division, Screaming Eagles, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Bobby also spent much of his time fighting global tyranny while deployed in support of the Implementation Force (IFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and two back to back combat tours to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2006), where he was injured. 

    While on his second consecutive combat tour in two years, Bobby was responsible for training, equipping and building Iraqi police forces in the heavily fortified Al Anbar Province, Ramadi, Iraq. In August 2006, while conducting the first in-house police recruitment drive, a suicide bomber drove a flatbed truck with over 100 tanks of propane into his unit’s entry control point. After being shot by the Iraqi Police defending the position, the bomber detonated the device which sent a fire ball that extended over 500 feet outward and almost a half mile into the sky. The blast could be seen from as far as two miles away and was captured in photos from soldiers at a distant observation control point. While attempting to warn both Iraqi and US forces of the imminent threat, Bobby exposed himself to the full impact of the blast, without any protection or concern of his own safety. As the blast expanded, Bobby was hit head on with a fireball that would end with 56 wounded and 16 killed US and Iraqi personnel. The blast could be seen from as far as two miles away. As the shock of the blast set in, Bobby and his troops were evacuated, with Bobby sustaining the most severe injuries. Bobby was credited with saving dozens of US and Iraqi lives because of his actions to warn others while ignoring the threat to his own life and sustaining severe injuries including 3rd degree burns to over 40 percent of his body, severe corneal scarring to both eyes, hearing loss, inhalation burns, a traumatic brain injury, and PTSD. 

    Although very modest, yet outspoken for Veterans and their families, Bobby does not talk about his military service often, but has been awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his actions in Ramadi, Iraq (2006), and a multitude of commendations from both the Army and US Marine Corp. He is a member of the elite Sergeant Audie Murphy Club for leadership, and is only one of a handful of units that has been awarded the Navy/Marine Corps Unit Commendation Medal for their actions during the Iraq War. 

    Currently the Chief Executive Officer of the New Mexico Veterans Integration Centers, a 501c3 nonprofit organization helping Veteran families throughout NM, especially those facing or in homelessness since 2005. The VIC is the only Veteran-focused nonprofit organization in New Mexico that can immediately house Veteran families and help them begin their journey of recovery and independence. Helping over 1500 Veteran and non-Veteran families through multiple services including a food pantry, thrift shop and furniture program, and emergency, transitional and rapid-rehousing programs, the VIC takes a comprehensive approach to support. They like to say they provide a “hand-up” not a “hand-out” in improving the lives of Veteran families. The VIC operates in all 33 counties of the state and continues to build and grow services for Veterans of every generation. Their goal is to be the premiere Veteran organization in the state and are currently working on developing a full service campus that will enable Veteran families to address their struggles, create job growth and revenue and increase the ability of Veteran families to be independent and sustainable members of the New Mexico community. 

    Bobby speaks regularly, in various national, state and local audiences, raising awareness for issues affecting Veterans and families, and has been the key player in the passing of three state and national laws helping some of the most severely injured Veterans of our nation. He is the 2012 Texas DAV Disabled Veteran of the Year awardee and is regularly called upon by elected officials, both state and nationally, to bring the “Veterans voice” to our representatives. 

    Bobby holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Park University, a Master’s Certificate in Applied Project Management from Villanova University, and certified in Crisis Intervention and a certified Peer Mentor by several national organizations. 


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