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    NNMHRA April 9, 2019 Dinner Meeting & Two Speakers

    Date: April 9, 2019, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza Hotel
    100 Sandoval Street
    Santa Fe, NM 87501
    Members: $35 Non-Members: $40 Walk-Ins or late registration: $40 SHRM NM Student Members(Full time students): $15
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    Dinner Meeting
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    I-9 Compliance, Form I-9 and E-Verify

    Presentation Summary

    Federal law requires that every employer who recruits, refers for a fee, or hires an individual for
    employment in the U.S. complete a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, for a newly
    hired employee. Form I-9 helps you verifying your employee’s identity and employment
    authorization. A Management and Program Analyst from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
    Services (USCIS), Verification Division, will share tips on how to properly complete Forms I-9
    and answer your questions about Form I-9 and E-Verify.

    Next, the presenter will also introduce E-Verify and how this free internet based system will
    help you ensuring a legal workforce.
    You will learn about:
    • Form I-9 requirements
    • How to complete Forms I-9 for newly hired employees?
    • How to correct mistakes on previously completed Forms I-9?
    • What is E-Verify?
    • Why should you use E-Verify?

    John Ordunez

    John Ordunez, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Management and Program Analyst – Los Angeles Verification Division within the Outreach Branch of the U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) located at the Los Angeles Verification Operations Center (LVOC) in Los Angeles, California. John provides live presentations and video webinars, and participates in conferences and events.

    John can teach you about E-Verify the free Internet-based system for employers, the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9, and myE-Verify the free Web-based service program for workers and job seekers.

    Prior to joining the Outreach Branch, John worked for over 6 years within the Customer Contact Operations (CCO) Center at LVOC. While at CCO, John was a Strategic Relationship Manager providing enrolled E-Verify employers with one on one service to answer all E-Verify and Form I-9 concerns. John was also a Team Leader and provided E-Verify and Form I-9 training to increase staff development and provided technical and administrative support to a team of Management and Program Analysts.

    John graduated from the Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board (FEB) Leadership
    Associates Program. He has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. He served in the United States Army and was deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina during Operation Joint Endeavor.

    Housing and Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities

    Peter Lahr

    Peter Lahr - Community Options, Inc. -- Community Options’ mission is to develop housing and employment supports for persons with disabilities.
    Community Options believes in the dignity of every person, and in the freedom of all people to experience the highest degree of self-determination. Embracing this philosophy, Community Options works with individuals with significant disabilities through residential services, day programs, social enterprises that employ individuals with disabilities, high school transition programs, and specialized programs for respite and medically fragile adults. As a national agency, Community Options seeks to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community through person centered and natural supports, and collaboration with community partners to increase accessibility to services. Community Options does not administer any large congregate programs, recognizing that people with the most severe disabilities need environments, equipment, clinical and staff support that are tailored to their very specific needs. In its history, the agency has developed a reputation for quality, cost effective administration that encourages individual choice and flexibility.

    This event has been Pre-Approved for SHRM PDCs and HRCI Credit Hours


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