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    NNMHRA July 9, 2019 Lunch Meeting & Speaker

    Date: July 9, 2019, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
    100 Sandoval St.
    Santa Fe, NM 87501
    Members: $25 Non-Members: $30 Walk-Ins: $30 SHRM NM Student Members (Full time students): $15
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    Lunch Meeting
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    Workplace Ethics

    Presentation Summary:


    What are "Ethics?" 
    "Ethical" conduct is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as conduct "of or relating to moral obligations that one person owes another…"  The definition goes on to state that ethics are often aspirational and not mandatory.
    Moral norms and Professional Standards are not always defined by law and may well be different in different employment environments.  You should review your employer's relevant documents including:
                      Vision and Mission Statement
                      Corporate Bylaws
                      Code of Conduct or other Internal Policy Guidance
                      Professional Standards promulgated by industry

    Are Ethical Requirements Legally Mandated?
    Sometimes; not always.  It depends on the employer.  For example, the following do have mandatory ethical standards:
    Real estate
    Other Regulated Professions
    Public Officers and Employees
    What are Some Common Ethical Issues for Employers?
                      a.              Confidential Personal Information
                      b.              Referrals
                      c.              Criminal Acts
                      d.              Business Information/ Business Opportunities
                      a.              Supervising Persons in an Interpersonal Relationship
                      b.              Outside Employment
                      c.              Self-dealing


    What are Some Common Solutions to Ethical Issues?
    1.              Get written waivers before collecting/disseminating sensitive information
                      Report Potential Crimes to Law Enforcement
                      Have Uniformly Applied Policies on Referrals
                      Consolidate External Contacts to a Single Authorized Speaker
    2.              Disclose Conflicts
                      Consider Moving Supervisors to avoid bias
    3.              Identify any Fiduciary Duty and then preserve the "Essence of Right Conduct."
                      Preserve/Disclose Work Related Business Opportunities
    4.              Recognize Bias beyond Age, Gender, Race; such as Nepotism and Ex Parte                     Contacts

    This event has been Pre-Approved for SHRM PDCs and HRCI Credit Hours

    Peter Dwyer

    Peter Dwyer is a graduate of St. John's College and Northeastern University School of Law.  He has practiced law for 28 years with the majority of his career devoted to the representation of local government.  He has been the City Attorney for Santa Fe and Espanola and the County Attorney for Los Alamos.  He currently serves as legal counsel to the North Central Regional Transit District, a fare free bus service covering Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Rio Arriba and Taos Counties.



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